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Auto duct line

HVAC air duct forming machine auto duct line 3

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Auto Air Duct Production Line 3

  Performance Features:
  1.Aluminium alloy suspension arm makes the machine easy to operate.
  2.The build-in control cabinet reduces wiring as a whole structure and makes it easy to move.
  3.The improted configuration is very stable and convenient to use.

  Imported configuration:
  1.Japan Mitsubishi CNC system+Schneider electrical.
  2.Beijing Huade plus hydraulic system from Taiwan.
  3.Japan Omron encoder.

  Basic configuration:
  1.One electric coil cardles,two material trays.
  2.One set of leveling and beading equipment.
  3.Hydraulic angle-shearing machine with four set of die.
  4.Hydraulic-shearing machine,bending machine,press machine.
  5.A set of CNC control system and software.

  Working Schematic diagram:

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