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How to solve the problem of gnawing machine parts, long bow to guide

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  If the parts of the biting machine deform during operation, this is mostly due to insufficient strength.Intensity and two kinds of circumstances, accessories under the load, if the stress within the larger volume, the strength of under the stress state of parts is called a volume strength, if the two parts by the point contact and line contact before, during, and after loading into a small contact surface area, and its surface produces a large local stress, the strength of the parts then referred to as the surface contact strength.In design, most accessories are checked against strength conditions.
  If the strength of the parts does not meet the requirements, there will be the overall fracture, plastic deformation and other problems of the jaw machine parts, which will lead to the failure of normal operation.
  We can take some effective measures to change this situation, such as increasing the size of parts risk profile, adopting high-strength materials, reducing the load on parts, etc., which can effectively solve a series of problems caused by the parts of the biting machine.

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