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Longbow to remind you of the Angle roll circular machine use matters

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  For the angle-iron rolling round machine equipment, its service life is composed of two parts, one is the careful operation in use, the other is the daily maintenance.Maintenance work has been introduced before, then how to operate to extend the life of the Angle iron rolling round machine?
Before using the Angle iron reel, the machine should be started up test to check whether there is any problem with the equipment. Then, the oil level shown in the oil mark on the side of the transmission box should be checked. If the oil level is lower than the oil line, oil should be injected into the box from the cover until it reaches the limited position.So check, put the equipment stable, four rounds of force uniform, you can carry out production activities.
  Here are some details of the operation that can also help extend the life of the angle-iron reel.
  1.When the pressure wheel is feeding, loosen the upper nut first and tighten the circular nut after reaching the scale. When the passive pressure wheel enters, the workpiece should be removed.
  2.After using for a certain period of time, clean up the residue left when the workpiece is pressed, so as not to affect the normal use of the Angle iron rolling machine.
  3.After using for a period of time, check the oil level shown by the oil label on the side of the transmission oil tank, and timely add when the oil level is too low.
  4.In use, please pay attention to operating within the working range and not exceeding the load.

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