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Compactor series

Five-wire machine

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  Performance features:
  The five-wire machine can roll out several reinforcing ribs vertically on a long sheet plane, which is mainly used for air duct making, metal sheet multi-line reinforcing ribs and strengthening rigidity, etc. Customers can choose the type or special manufacture according to the application requirements of thin plate thickness, width and number of compressors.The utility model has the characteristics of light weight and convenient movement and is suitable for the field production of ventilation pipe engineering.
  The machine can not only be used as the sheet bar equipment alone, but also can be used with uncoiler, leveling machine, shearing machine, biting machine, common plate flange molding machine and common plate flange bending machine, etc.The machine is mainly composed of frame, reducer, chain drive, and the mechanism.
  1. Frame: welded by profile and plate, with good rigidity and stability.
  2. Reduction drive part: after starting the motor, drive the motor through the belt, reducer and chain to the pressure bar shaft, and the pressure bar shaft is transferred to the top pressure bar shaft through the gear.The plate is fed between the top roller and the bottom roller on the top roller shaft and rolls out the bar.The regulating handwheel at both ends can adjust the depth of the compression bar, so that it can reach the required depth and complete the operation of the compression bar.

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