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Sheet shears series

Electric shearing machine

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  Performance features:
  This machine adopts steel welding structure, has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, beautiful appearance, low energy consumption, use gear reducer can be installed or, electromagnet, foot switch can be remote control, apply to metallurgy, light industry, machinery, hardware and other 0.1~2.0mm of ordinary steel plate processing shear.

  Main technical parameters:

Model Cutting thickness (mm) cutting width (mm) Number of strokes(min) Power of motor(kw)



Q11-2*600 2 600 30 3 1100*750*1010
Q11-1.5*1000 1.5 1000 30 3 1400*750*1010
Q11-1.5*1300 1.5 1300 30 3 1700*750*1010
Q11-1.5*1600 1.5 1600 30 3 2000*750*1010
Q11-1.2*2000 1.2 2000 30 3 2400*7500*1010

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