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Plate roller series

Three rollers plate rolling machine Hydraulic iron roll bending machine manufacturer

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  1.Specification of the machine
  This body type is symmetric three-roll, roll in the two lower rollers central symmetrical position moves vertically through the screw worm drive wire mother, two lower rollers rotating movement,through the output gear reducer under the roller and offer torque for roll sheet, the machine structure is compact, easy operation and maintenance.

  2. Main structure
  The apparatus main body structure is composed of the upper roll unit, lower roll, the main drive unit,left and right side frame,and the bottom chassis.

  2.1 Upper roller device
  Upper roller device consists of upper roller bearing, upper roller, sliding bearings and other components.
Upper roller material is 45 # steel, Intermediate hardening, hardness HRC40~50.

  2.2 Bottom roller device
  Bottom roller device consists of lower roller,bearing,input gear and slide bearing.

  The bottom main drive provide power, Output via the main drive gear, the next roll input gear,Open drive torque to the lower roller.
  Lower roller material 45 # steel, Intermediate hardening, hardness HRC40-50.

  2.3 Main drive device
  Main drive device consists of main motor,V-belt,cylindrical gear reducer.
  The main drive can do reversible work,provide power for rolling plate.

  2.4 Turning device
  Turning device consists of ram, overturned cylinder, etc. To get the rolled plate easily.

  2.5 Fixed frame,chassis,overturned side
  Fixed for steel weldments, overturned side frame, chassis, vibration aging eliminate stress after welding.

  2.6 Electric control system
  Electronic control system consists of cabinet equipment, handheld button box components. Power supply 380V/50Hz. Main switch with short circuit protection and the main motor overload protection. By AC motor reversing contactor control; cabinet products on a rolling process to complete all the control buttons, lights, etc., in order to control the operation of the machine and work state control.

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