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Auto duct line

Five lines of air duct production line

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  It mainly completes the processing of common plate flange straight pipe, with daily processing capacity of 800-2000 square meters, input dimensions of common plate flange air pipe, and the production line automatically completes uncoiling, leveling, compression bar, punching Angle, shearing, joint bite, common plate flange forming, folding into shape, with optional 8 or 10 tons of hydraulic material rack.

  Performance features:
  1. Linear structure, smooth production and small footprint;
  2. Rolling adopts bearing steel, and the service life is increased by more than 5 times;
  3. Add power-saving mode in the numerical control system, with only one piece of waste less than 20mm per roll;
  4. Bending servo feeding, especially in the processing of "mouth" type pipeline, has obvious advantages;
  5. Input with 10-inch LCD touch screen, and optional keyboard dual mode to ensure the operation stability;
  6. At least 1 person is needed to operate, and the shift output can reach 600-2000;
  7. It has the function of production memory and the function of order inquiry.

  Basic configuration:
  1. One electric overall loading rack, including 4 7-ton material trays, with optional 8-ton or 10-ton hydraulic material rack;
  2. One supporting rack;
  3. Host machine;
  4. One transfer platform for holding material positioning of mechanical hand;
  5. One set of displacement high-speed joint biting machine;
  6. One double linkage common plate flange machine;
  7. One servo feeding folding platform;
  8. One set of computer control system.

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