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Auto duct line

Five lines of u-tube production line

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  Main completion common flange/Angle steel flange or "C" type flange molding, daily processing capacity of 1000-2500 square meters, air pipe input size, production line automatic winding, leveling, compression bar, Angle, shear, joint bite, common flange/Angle steel flange molding or "C" type flange molding, folded into.

  Performance features:
  1. U-shaped structure, small footprint, simple assembly, suitable for small and medium-sized factories;
  2. The servo pneumatic manipulator drives the feeding, ensuring a stable and fast speed;
  3. High efficiency, labor saving, each L chip only needs 20-25 seconds, and the efficiency is doubled compared with the linear one;
  4. Fixed type biting machine can save time of moving back and forth and improve work efficiency;
  5. Rolling roller adopts bearing steel material, and its service life is improved;
  6. Add material saving mode in the numerical control system, with only one piece of waste less than 20mm per roll;
  7. It has the function of production memory and the function of order inquiry.

  Basic configuration:
  1. One electric coil rack and 4 blanks (5-7 tons per roll);
  2. One supporting rack;
  3. host (second-line host);
  4. Two stainless steel rotary transfer platforms;
  5. One fixed joint biting machine;
  6. One double linkage common plate flange machine;
  7. One double joint Angle steel flange machine;
  8. One servo feeding platform;
  9. One hydraulic folding machine;
  10.One computer control system.

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